Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Inc. (UCONCI)
113th Annual Meeting  -- Saturday, October 13, 201 8
Earth and Spirit: Transforming the World with Art
Keynote Speaker    Jim Scott Composer and Musical Activist


For more than three decades, Jim Scott has made it his business to create and perform music that celebrates the earth. His songs and poetry have inspired and educated audiences around the world. He has developed presentations for every age group and crafted songs that sensitize his listeners to the beauty of the earth, teaching principles of ecology in memorable verses.

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, individuals representing our member congregations will gather for the annual meeting of UCONCI at Shelter Neck UU Camp. It will a marvelous opportunity for fellowship, sharing, and learning from our various experiences. Also, our Executive Board will conduct the annual business meeting. ALL ARE WELCOME. You do not have to be an official delegate to attend.   (The links below will become active as we update)

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Delegates are allotted to congregations as follows: 

3 Delegates for first 50 members plus one additional Delegate for each 50 members to a maximum of 5 total Delegates per member church not including UCONCI officers or UU ministers.

If your congregation has not remitted annual dues, please send payment with a delegate.

"The mission of the Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Incorporated
is to foster, promote, and support Unitarian Universali
and Unitarian Universalist congregations in North Carolina."

Useful Information

Useful Information 

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