Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Inc. (UCONCI)
"The mission of the Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Incorporated
is to foster, promote, and support Unitarian Universali
and Unitarian Universalist congregations in North Carolina."

UCONCI  Officers:

President    -  
  Debbie Robertson (Community Church of Chapel Hill - UU)
Vice Pres.    -   
Robert Stolar    (UUC-Kinston)
Secretary    -   
Elizabeth Norval - (UU Peace Fellowship, Raleigh)
Treasurer    -   
Feryl Masters  - (UUC - Greenville)    oferyl@gmail.com

Trustees -
Marion Hirsch -  (CCCH-UU)
                Dave Kundtz - (Outlaw's Bridge Universalist Church)
                Jerry Winsett - (UUFW)   
                Billy Liles - (UUF_Raleigh)
Braxton Simmons - (UU Fellowship of Wilmington)
                Shelly Duncan - (UUC - Greenville)
List of UCONCI member congregations

"A History of Universalism in North Carolina -- 1740 to 2007"
is available for purchase  here.

Useful Information

Useful Information

Shelter Neck UU Camp is available for rental to  UCONCI member congregations as well as to outside groups.

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Useful Links

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