National and Regional Universalist Links

The Universalist Heritage Foundation is in process of restoring the historic United Church of Winchester, NH into a headquarters and visitor's center.

The Universalist Convocation
is a yearly event held at different sites, featuring thematic presentations and workshops. Universalist Convocation 2015 will be held May 29 - 31, 2015, hosted by Buckman Bridge UU Church, near Jacksonville, Florida. This years' program information and registration are available HERE. Also, there is a FLYER.

The Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center  in Lanoka Harbor, NJ exists as a living memorial to the life

and the Universalist faith of John Murray and Thomas Potter.  "Where love takes root in the world"

The New Massachusetts Universalist Convention
 is an organization of individual Unitarian Universalists devoted to fanning the flame of Universalism in order to inform the Unitarian Universalist movement today and to help light the way toward the future.

The New York State Convention of Universalists was organized in 1825. Their motto is "Honoring our heritage by strengthening our future".

The Pennsylvania Universalist Convention
(PUC) was created in 1831. It holds twice yearly gatherings and maintains an interest in preserving the history of Universalism.

The Universalist Herald
   --  "a bulletin of information, ideas, and ideals"

A Southern Universalist Church History blog
by Steven Rowe

"A History of Universalism in North Carolina -- 1740 to 2007" is available for purchase  here.