Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Inc. (UCONCI)
"The mission of the Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Incorporated
is to foster, promote, and support Unitarian Universali
and Unitarian Universalist congregations in North Carolina."

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The Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Inc. (UCONCI) was first organized in 1895 to promote the coordinated growth of Universalism in eastern North Carolina. At that time, some very energetic circuit riders were founding new Universalist churches in the rural areas of our state and also in South Carolina and Virginia. Reorganization in 1905 led to a charter of incorporation, and even as the tide of enthusiasm for the Universalist denomination ebbed with the subsequent liberalization among the other more populous denominations, this organization has held its ground and abides today to assure mutual support (both financial and social) among the congregations it serves.

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Useful Information

Useful Information

Shelter Neck UU Camp is available for rental to  UCONCI member congregations as well as to outside groups.

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UCONCI  Executive Board:

President    -   
Debbie Robertson        wkrdrrmar@aol.com

Vice President - Robert Stolar


UUA Southern Region

Western Carolinas Cluster

Eastern Carolina Cluster

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Useful Links

Secretary     -  Elizabeth Norval   
Treasurer    -      
Feryl Masters      oferyl@gmail.com

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