Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Inc. (UCONCI)

112th Annual Meeting - October 8, 2016
"Building Our Faith - Engaging Youth and Young Adults"  
(Accommodations available Friday night with registration)


Bart Frost joined the UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in 2014. As a Bartlifelong Unitarian Universalist, he has a great passion for youth and young adult ministry. Bart served the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans as Director of Religious Education before returning to his hometown of Boston for this role. He also brings ten years’ of UUA leadership experience from a variety of volunteer roles. As a product of UU youth and young adult ministry and leadership opportunities, Bart feels his life has been greatly impacted by his involvement in Unitarian Universalism and hopes to support the creation of opportunities for others to be inspired by their faith. Bart lives in Boston with his partner Amelia and their three cats.

Kathy McGowan is one of the newer members of the UUA Southern Region staff. Previously she was a consultant for the St. Lawrence District in New York, kmspecializing in Healthy Congregations training and leadership development.  She was also on that district board, served two New York congregations as president and two as Director of Religious Education. Her work comes from a deep respect for individual process of spiritual development and the power of communal worship.  A graduate from Brandeis University, she holds a B.A. in theatre arts. She grew up in Springfield, Ohio, lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois and is happy to be living in the state of North Carolina.

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"The mission of the Universalist Convention of North Carolina, Incorporated
is to foster, promote, and support Unitarian Universali
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Useful Information

Useful Information

Shelter Neck UU Camp is available for rental to  UCONCI member congregations as well as to outside groups.

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